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Fire blankets for safety at home

The VLITEX fire blanket is suitable as an immediate measure in case of fire in the home. It even keeps a particularly hot battery fire safely under wraps. The special glass fibers are coated with silicone and are suitable for use at higher temperatures. A conventional fire suffocates in a very short time. A battery fire is isolated, there is less smoke and the heat remains under the ceiling.

Important: Battery fires release highly toxic gases. Therefore, be sure to call the fire department at 112 and stay away from the source of the fire.

Battery fires – unfortunately not so rare

Almost daily, the media report on battery fires. Well – with the multitude of rechargeable batteries that surround us, the likelihood of fire occurring is very low. And yet we should take precautions. Because when a battery catches fire, the effects are not infrequently devastating.

What do sensible precautions look like?

If a battery catches fire, action must be taken quickly. Too much time passes until the fire department arrives. Those who can act themselves – necessarily under the utmost protection of their own health – can gain time.

Fire protection with fiberglass – these are the advantages

Fire protection with fiberglass – these are the advantages

Resource and environmentally friendly

No water, foam or powder needed

Smothers conventional fires

Fast and intuitive handling

Weatherproof and maintenance free

Isolates battery fires and protects the environment