Areas of application Car dealerships and workshops

Simply cover fires with special fiberglass fabric

With the fire blankets VLITEX goes a new way in fire fighting. The fire blanket is placed over the fire object by two people and cuts off the oxygen supply. The fire suffocates within a short time.

VLITEX Premium M has been developed for use with E-fires, which become particularly hot and are especially difficult to extinguish because they do not require an oxygen supply. With it, a battery fire remains safely under cover, the surrounding area is protected from flames and heat, and and smoke development is reduced.

Preventing a fire from spreading protects the structure – walls or ceilings that might otherwise be damaged by the heat. And there the effects are quickly greater than simply ‘a burned down car’.

Fire fighting with VLITEX fire blankets works without conventional extinguishing agents. The fire blankets are maintenance-free and can be used several times.

That’s where the VLITEX Car Service Set Premium M

Keeps fire safely “under cover” for reignited e-vehicles

Reusable several times – even in case of fire (depending on the fire load)

Does not cause additional damage to the vehicle (paint covered by optional protective fleece)

Resource and environmentally friendly – no cooling with water or other extinguishing agents necessary

Smoke insulating – minimizes uncontrolled smoke development

Fast and intuitive handling – no need for cost-intensive special solutions