VLITEX Battery Safety Box

The latest member of the VLITEX family: the stable safety box for your batteries. Thanks to variable inner walls, it is suitable for different battery sizes. Even better, the heat-resistant partitions can prevent or at least delay the spread of fire to other batteries in the event of a fire in one battery. The bag is made of a multi-layered, intricate composition of materials. The glass fiber fabric withstands up to 1,000 °C for short periods. With the wide Velcro closures and the sturdy buckle, the battery bag offers additional security.


VLITEX battery safety box made of multilayer material with fireproof fiberglass closed with velcro and additional buckle carrying handle on lid outer compartment made of mesh material
High quality battery safety box

At home or on the road – safely storing, charging or transporting batteries

Drones, model cars, countless devices – rechargeable batteries are constant companions in our leisure time. The VLITEX battery safety box can store batteries of different sizes.

What makes this battery box stand out:

  • Composition of five (!) layers of material for maximum stability and safety
  • double security through velcro AND buckle
  • variable partition walls made of glass fiber fabric (stable up to 1,000 °C for a short time)
  • for individual division of the interior
  • Innovative cable grommet for good sealing, even during charging
  • Stable transport handle
  • Exterior pockets to hold accessories

The VLITEX battery safety box withstands a fire – see for yourself!

VLITEX Akku Sicherheitsbox Brandschott mit Schemazeichnung

Innovative cable routing

We have developed a firewall through which the charging cable can be fed into the box. The charging process is the most fire-hazardous phase in a battery’s life and should always take place under supervision and with proper safety measures.

Cable can be fed through the opening – even with a small plug. If necessary, several cables at the same time.

The overlapping construction keeps tight – smoke and flames stay in the pocket in case of fire.

Akku Sicherheitsbox mit hoher Isolierwirkung Wärmebildkamera

Highest insulating effect

Five layers of different materials reliably hold heat in the battery safety box.

During the real-life test by the local fire department, the temperature on the outside of the bag rose to just 60 °C with the battery on fire and several hundred degrees inside.

Buy time and get the battery box outside before the fire department arrives.

Tested by the local fire department

We love making our products available for real-world trials – and at the same time, it’s always a bit exciting for us. Are our promises being kept?

Local firefighters say “Yes!”

The battery box remains stable, while five batteries stored in the bag burned off in the test.

Heat and flames remain in the pocket, the surrounding area is protected.

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