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Discover the products for protection against fire: VLITEX fire protection blankets are available in different sizes and qualities – depending on the application. The same principle applies to all of them: Immediately after the VLITEX fire protection blanket is laid, the smoke development is greatly reduced. In the case of lithium-ion battery fires, the battery burns down in a controlled manner under the fire blanket without endangering nearby objects and with significantly reduced ambient temperature and smoke development. Conventional fires are smothered.

Fire blankets for (e-)vehicles and industry

Every day fire departments extinguish fires from vehicles or industrial machinery. Most often, they use foam, powder or water for this purpose. At the same time, it is virtually impossible to prevent toxic substances from entering the air or groundwater.

VLITEX takes a new approach. The fire blankets shield the fire. They immediately reduce smoke development and hold back flames and heat. Toxic vapors remain under the blanket. Conventional fires are quickly smothered by cutting off the oxygen supply. Battery fires that do not require supplemental oxygen are isolated and can burn in a controlled manner.

The main advantages of VLITEX products

The main advantages of VLITEX products

Efficiently prevent the spread of fire

Conserve resources

Strongly curb the development of smoke

Environmentally friendly application

Maintenance-free and intuitive to use

High tensile strength