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The alternative to costly container solutions

That the effects of a battery fire can be devastating is well documented. For towing services, this means that e-cars involved in accidents are subject to special treatment. Together with the ADAC and the fire departments from Hochburg/Ach and the surrounding area, we have tested whether the VLITEX Car Service Set can withstand such a fire. And we can report: Yes, it does. The fire stays safely under the blanket and only a little smoke finds its way out. The Car Service Set as a preventive measure is perfect!

This is what the VLITEX Car Service Set Premium M can do

This is what the VLITEX Car Service Set Premium M can do

Keeps fire safely “under cover” for reignited e-vehicles

Reusable several times – even in case of fire (depending on the fire load)

Does not cause additional damage to the vehicle (paint covered by optional protective fleece)

Resource and environmentally friendly – no cooling with water or other extinguishing agents necessary

Smoke insulating – minimizes uncontrolled smoke development

Fast and intuitive handling – no need for cost-intensive special solutions

How the VLITEX Car Service Set works

Wireless temperature monitoring with the VLITEX Sensor Heat

Vlitex Sensor zur Temperaturüberwachung

Accidental e-car tightly tied up in a set of VLITEX fire blankets, loaded onto the tow truck. And now?

Uncertainty travels with you.

Is the temperature rising? Does the battery ignite? There was smoke in the rearview mirror – wasn’t there?

This uncertainty has now come to an end! Because the VLITEX Sensor Heat travels along.

  • Wireless monitoring of the temperature

  • When the threshold value is reached, a message is sent to the cell phone, by e-mail or by phone call.

  • Sensor range approx. 365 m

  • Quick setup in the monitoring portal

Because only if a fire is discovered quickly can safety measures be taken at an early stage and greater damage to people and the environment averted.