VLITEX E-bike fire blanket

Even if the e-bike battery is permanently installed, the surrounding area can be protected in the event of a fire. The VLITEX E-Bike fire blanket is placed over the bicycle. If the battery catches fire, the heat and fire remain under the ceiling and smoke development is significantly reduced.

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E-bike batteries pose a certain fire risk, especially during the charging process. Safety is provided by the VLITEX e-bike fire blanket. It is placed over the e-bike as a preventive measure. If the battery catches fire, the surroundings are protected and the damage remains as small as possible. Burn the fire under the ceiling in a controlled manner, heat and smoke are reduced.

Important: Fires, and especially battery fires, cause toxic fumes. So be sure to stay away from the source of the fire and call the fire department on 112!

VLITEX E-Bike fire blanket with schematic representation of the bike

Safety with the VLITEX fire blanket

It’s child’s play to ensure safety when e-bikes or e-scooters are parked in the house, garage or gazebo.

Bicycle parking.

Place fire blanket over the wheel. Make sure that it reaches the ground everywhere.


When the bike is to be used, simply remove blanket and set aside.

Additional information


Silicone coated fiberglass fabric


250 x 300 cm

Temperature resistance

short-term up to 1,000 °C

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