VLITEX Fire extinguishing cover PREMIUM

Securing pallet cages is easy with the VLITEX fire extinguishing cover made of silicone-coated fiberglass. The material is the same as the one we use for our fire-rated blankets. It therefore offers certified safety in the event of battery fires.

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Vlitex fire extinguishing cover extinguishing hood industry
VLITEX fire extinguishing cover

Secure pallets and pallet cages

It is impossible to imagine our lives without rechargeable batteries. The more powerful a device is, the greater the danger posed by the battery. This is because the energy storage devices pose a not inconsiderable danger. Almost daily, there are reports of battery fires that have reduced warehouses or homes to rubble.

Security is as simple as that:

The VLITEX fire extinguishing hoods can be easily placed over a pallet or a lattice box. If the battery of a battery-powered device ignites, the environment is protected and the battery can burn without much danger.

How VLITEX fire blankets help the industry

Examples of available sizes

  • 1.25 x 0.85 x 1.165 m

Please contact us – we will make the size you need.

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depending on the size

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