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Lithium-ion batteries have become an integral part of our everyday lives: smartphones, laptops, drones, cordless screwdrivers and other small battery-powered devices can be found in every household. If a battery is damaged or there is a technical defect at the factory, a dangerous fire can occur. Safe handling and storage is therefore essential.

Fire barrier bags for private households and industry

In a world where mobile devices with lithium-ion batteries such as laptops, tablets, e-bikes, drones and cordless screwdrivers enrich our daily lives, the safe handling of batteries is becoming increasingly important.

Our high-quality fire barrier bags offer you the protection you need if the worst comes to the worst. Developed with the latest technology, our bags limit the spread of flames and smoke to protect the surrounding area. Rely on VLITEX fire protection bags to store and transport your batteries safely.

The main advantages of VLITEX products

The main advantages of VLITEX products

Efficiently prevent the spread of fire

Conserve resources

Strongly curb the development of smoke

Environmentally friendly application

Maintenance-free and intuitive to use

High tensile strength