VLITEX Car Service Set

So that towing services are not forced to take time-consuming immersion baths in water-filled containers, we have developed our blanket set. As a preventive measure, an e-car involved in an accident is packed and lashed into the silicone-coated fiberglass blankets. If the battery ignites, the surrounding area remains protected and the fire cannot spread.

Independent institutes confirm the heat resistance – even with particularly hot battery fires.

The set of fire blankets can be used several times. If the fire mission occurred, then it must be checked and weighed whether further missions are possible.


VLITEX Car Service Set for towing services
VLITEX Car Service Set Premium

The safe solution for towing e-cars

We have developed our set of fire blankets especially for towing services and workshops: An easy-to-use, comparably inexpensive way to ensure safety during transport and storage of crashed e-cars. Because the possibly damaged battery poses a high risk for days: It can ignite itself. The VLITEX Car Service Set Premium is patent pending.

If an e-car is involved in an accident, towing services face special challenges. Handling high-voltage vehicles requires special training. Is the battery damaged? This is not always immediately apparent from the outside. To prevent a possible battery fire from causing damage to the surrounding area, such a vehicle is usually transported in a flooded container and finally stored at a large distance from other objects. All these dangers do not matter if the vehicle is safely packed in the set of fire blankets from VLITEX.

The VLITEX Car Service Set provides multiple protection: Leaking liquids are retained. In case of inflammation, the surrounding area remains intact. In addition, smoke development is significantly reduced. Convincing, isn’t it?

VLITEX Abschlepp Set Schritt 1

Step 1

Spread out the lower blanket on the tow truck. Make sure that the metal fasteners lie flat.

Place vehicle on it.

Attach all four wheels as usual. The blanket then lies in folds, but this is not a problem.

VLITEX Abschlepp Set Schritt 2

Step 2

Protect vehicle against scratches with the optional protective fleece.

Place the upper blanket over the vehicle.

VLITEX Abschlepp Set Schritt 3

Step 3

Knock in the lower blanket.

Lash straps and metal fasteners together.

How the VLITEX Car Service Set works


How long does it take to tie up the top and bottom covers of the Car Service Set?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

It took us about 10 minutes to tie up the Car Service Set. On one ceiling are eyelets, and on the other – long ribbons. The procedure is intuitive.

Has the Car Service Set been tested?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

We report in the blog about how we tested the VLITEX Car Service Set together with fire departments and ADAC.

Can a wrapped vehicle be adequately secured to the tow truck?2022-05-10T18:55:28+02:00

Yes. It is possible to attach front and rear wheels to the tow truck as usual. The underblanket then wrinkles, but this does not limit its function.

How to connect the upper and lower blanket?2024-02-15T09:01:35+01:00

The upper blanket is equipped with long bands and on the lower blanket there are metal fasteners. This makes it easy to tie the two parts together. And it is also easy to open without damaging the blankets.

When should the Car Service Set be used?2022-05-10T18:55:29+02:00

If a hybrid or all-electric vehicle is involved in an accident, it must be given special treatment during towing or transport. This is because the battery poses a fire hazard for many hours after the accident. You may not be able to tell if a battery is damaged and a dangerous chemical reaction has started inside it.

So the crashed vehicle is wrapped in the Car Service Set and in case of fire, the fiberglass blankets keep flames and heat under control.

VLITEX Blog Car Service Set PREMIUM Hochburg Ach

Practical test: Countering e-car fire with the set of extinguishing blankets

We have tested how the VLITEX Car Service Set performs in use with an e-car. Read what we observed and what conclusions we draw in the blog.

Additional information


Base material: 560 g/m2 high-temperature fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides

Connection: fire-repellent sewing thread

Fastening straps and handles: 560 g/m2 high-temperature fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides, pull handles with red silicone coating for better recognition; optional with second longer red handle

Eyelets: metal, firmly sewn

Temperature resistance

Up to 1,000°C (short-term up to over 1,300°C)

Certified for use on battery fires!


Multiple – depending on the fire load


No maintenance required

Size & Weight

Lower blanket with metal eyelets: 4 x 7 m – 22 kg
Upper blanket with straps: 6 x 7 m – 27 kg
Total weight: 49 kg

Packing & Transport

Each in carrying bag for bottom and top (optionally available)


for car recyclers or towing services

Securing e-cars involved in an accident

preventive, without causing additional damage to the vehicle


Protective fleece to cover the vehicle
Carrying bag

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