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Countering e-car fires with fire blankets

If an e-car has an accident, there is always a risk of damaging the battery and causing a fire. A chain reaction can start at around 75 °C and one battery cell after the other can explode. The VLITEX fire blanket is a material and personnel-saving way of reducing the danger posed by an e-car fire to people and the environment.

The silicone-coated glass fibre fabric abruptly reduces smoke development and withstands the high temperatures of a battery fire well. Flames and heat remain under the blanket and the impact on the surroundings is minimised. We also refer to VLITEX Premium M, which has been tested for use in battery fires, as a fire limitation blanket. Depending on the fire load, the VLITEX fire blanket can be used several times.

VLITEX Brandbegrenzungsdecke mit doppelten Nähten
Premium M - ideal for E-firing due to higher temperature resistance

The material of the Premium M withstands 1,000 °C - in peaks even 1,300 °C. It is therefore particularly suitable as a fire blanket for battery fires.

VLITEX Löschdecke mit innovativer Falttechnik
Spread out in seconds due to innovative folding technology

The handling of the blanket is intuitive, but should still be practiced before the first use.

VLITEX Löschdecke mit langen roten Zuggriffen
Long, marked handles for sufficient safety distance when overthinking

The material of the Premium M withstands 1,000 °C permanently - and even 1,300 °C for short periods. Enough for a particularly hot battery fire.

VLITEX Brandbegrenzungsdecke zertifiziert für Akku-Brände
The only fire blanket certified for battery fires

Independent institutes have tested and confirmed that VLITEX Extinguishing Blanket Premium M is suitable for use on battery fires.

VLITEX Löschdecke mit Markierungen zum mittigen Überlegen
Markings facilitate centered thinking

In order for the blanket to close well on all sides, it must be centered over the fire object.

VLITEX Löschdecke mit Schlaufen zum Ablassen von Pyrolysegasen
Drain pyrolysis gas selectively

Because gases that collect under the blanket pose an explosion hazard, they can be vented by pulling on a loop.

VLITEX Brandbegrenzungsdecke versäumt und verstärkt
Circumferential hems and reinforcements

Noralgic points are reinforced and the blanket is seamed so that the material does not fray.

VLITEX Brandbegrenzungsdecke mit doppelten Nähten
Sturdy, double seams

The blanket is double stitched with fireproof thread

Why environmental protection is important in firefighting

A fire is a real mess. Smoke, toxic gases, soot and, last but not least, chemically optimized extinguishing agents are released into the environment. If an e-car burns, then the chemicals from the battery are added. The VLITEX extinguishing blanket made of silicone-coated glass fiber provides a method that promises extinguishing without much contamination of the environment.

The most important data of VLITEX fire blankets in comparison

VLITEX Premium S


Base material: 550 g/m² fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides
Connection: fire-repellent sewing thread
Fastening strap & handles: 550 g/m² fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides

Temperature resistance

Up to 660°C (short-term up to over 1,000°C)


  • for conventional fires
  • for vehicle fires, containers or similar
  • Keep as a precaution for areas with a high concentration of vehicles, such as parking garages, underground garages, ferries or workshops

Sizes & Weight

  • S 6 x 8 m | approx. 25 kg

VLITEX Premium M


Base material: 560 g/m² special glass fiber fabric with silicone coating on both sides – acid and chemical resistant
Connection: fire-repellent sewing thread
Fastening strap & handles: 560 g/m² special fiberglass fabric with silicone coating on both sides, pull handles with red silicone coating

Temperature resistance

Up to 1,000 °C (short-term up to over 1,300 °C)


  • designed for battery fires
  • Of course also suitable for conventional firing
  • recommended for fire departments or organizations that regularly fight fires

Sizes & Weight

  • M 6 x 8 m – ML 6 x 8 m | approx. 27 kg
  • M 7 x 8 m – ML 7 x 8 m | approx. 31 kg
  • M 8 x 10 m | approx. 43 kg

Version L with additional longer pull handles. Other sizes on request.

Our blankets are certified.

The VLITEX Premium M fire blanket is the only one certified for its suitability to contain battery fires. We always invite internationally renowned institutes to test the quality of our products. We do this out of a sense of responsibility alone – because blankets must not fail in dangerous situations.

And tested many times.

Sometimes videos are not enough. Numerous fire departments have already taken advantage of the opportunity to test the VLITEX fire blankets in an exercise with a real fire. We are happy to support this, because we are sure that the effectiveness of firefighting will convince every firefighter. Feel free to contact us!