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Fighting fires with water mist

FIREdown SprayJet HV

FIREdown SprayJet HV

Use water mist to fight fires – this approach is fast and efficient, especially for battery fires.

The FIREdown SprayJet HV is a good complement to other extinguishing methods, such as the VLITEX fire blanket. It can be used in a targeted manner – even when components are difficult to access.

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Fire fighting on a new level – this is how the FIREdown SprayJet works

The FIREdown SprayJet HV low-pressure spray system requires only 4 – 10 bar. This means that the water requirement is only about 20% of what a high-pressure spray system or sprinkler would need.

It works efficiently and combines several effects in fire fighting. It can show its strengths particularly in fires involving components that are difficult to reach, such as Li-ion batteries.


Water vapor has the property to absorb the heat of the fire and lower the temperature. The FIREdown SprayJet is also a low-pressure system and requires very little water, reducing the risk of water damage.


The increased humidity causes the oxygen content in the air to drop. The fire is no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen to continue burning.


The innovative water mist filter ensures that particles and toxic fumes are trapped and kept away from other areas. This achieves a knockdown of toxic flue gases of up to 75 %.

Prevent the fire from spreading

The spray produced can contain the spread of the fire by making it more difficult for the flames to flash over.

The FIREdown SprayJet HV is the solution for fast and effective containment of fires. The innovative water mist spray system cools the source of the fire, reduces the flames by displacing oxygen, and contains the fire.

The FIREdown SprayJet is a development of amtec abt. The company offers numerous products for firefighters. The name a-b-t stands for the core competencies of working, moving and transporting.

Improved version

The SprayJet is supplied with a pipe that is used as an intermediate piece. It prevents the hose from getting too close to flames and heat and being damaged.

This improvement was developed together with fire departments.


Why is the new version of the SprayJet better?2024-02-15T09:55:00+01:00

A fireproof intermediate piece now ensures that there is sufficient distance between the source of the fire and the heat-sensitive hose: a pipe is attached to the SprayJet first, only then is the hose attached.

To ensure that the pipe is always at hand, it is clamped into suitable holders on the SprayJet.

Does the FIREdown SprayJet HV help prevent water damage?2023-06-16T15:56:36+02:00

Because it uses a minimal amount of water, potential water damage is minimal. The SprayJet HV makes use of the adiabatic cooling effect, trapping heat and working effectively without using much water.

How does the FIREdown SprayJet HV work in the event of a fire?2024-03-12T19:23:26+01:00

The FIREdown SprayJet HV cools the source of the fire and smothers the flames by effectively displacing oxygen. It also acts as flame-over protection and to contain the spread of fire.

What is the FIREdown SprayJet HV particularly suitable for?2023-02-20T21:40:28+01:00

The SprayJet HV is particularly suitable for fighting concealed fires and cooling components such as gearboxes, brake systems or lithium-ion batteries.

What is the water requirement of the FIREdown SprayJet HV?2023-06-16T14:44:17+02:00

The FIREdown SprayJet is available in two variants. There are nozzles for slightly higher (variant B) and nozzles for particularly low (variant A) Water consumption.

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With the SprayJet, there is talk of the adiabatic cooling effect. What does that mean exactly?2023-06-16T15:55:08+02:00

The adiabatic cooling effect is a natural phenomenon caused by the cooling of humid air due to an increase in humidity. This effect occurs when moist air is cooled quickly, for example by a spray.

Cooling is adiabatic, which means that no external energy source is required. The reason for this is that moisture is present in the air in the form of water vapor. When the air cools rapidly, the water vapor loses energy and this energy is used to lower the air temperature.

By using spray mist devices that spray fine water mist into the air, the adiabatic cooling effect can be used to lower the air temperature indoors, factory floors and even outdoors. These devices increase the humidity of the air, thereby lowering the air temperature.

One advantage of adiabatic cooling is cost efficiency, since no external energy source is required.

Data & Dimensions

Slide (L x W x H)

1.205 x 253 x 64 mm

Material sled

Stainless steel 1.4301


8,9 kg

Push rod length

1.032 mm


Storz D (alternatively 1” thread)

Material nozzles

Brass (alternatively stainless steel)

Recommended working pressure

2 to 12 bar

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