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Fire protection bike battery – effective protection against fire and smoke

Bicycle battery fire protection – charging, storing or transporting, at all stages there is a risk of battery fire. In the VLITEX e-bike battery bag the energy storage is safely packed. Two layers of fiberglass fabric, with a thick layer of glass wool in between, guarantee the highest insulation effect. The bag is of high quality, the glass fibre fabric can withstand up to 1,000 °C for a short time.

Even if the battery is permanently installed, the environment can be protected preventively. The VLITEX E-Bike fire blanket keeps flames and heat under the blanket in case of fire and prevents burning parts from flying around.

Increased safety – especially where batteries cannot always be in view.

This is why fire protection with fiberglass is a good choice

Quick and uncomplicated to use

Maintenance free and weather resistant

Keeps a lithium-ion battery fire under cover or in your pocket

Resource and environmentally friendly – does not require additional extinguishing agents in case of fire

Reduces smoke development

Prevents damage to the environment

The fire department has tested for us

An e-bike battery is set on fire and stowed in the VLITEX battery bag. Already after 10 minutes the fire is extinguished. The bag reliably enclosed the completely destroyed battery and protected the surrounding area. Test successful!

(Test frame data: battery capacity 400 Wh, 95 % charged, chemistry NCA)

Video coming soon