VLITEX protective fleece for car service set

Accidental e-cars are packed into the VLITEX Car Service Set for safe transport and storage. If the battery ignites, the transport vehicle and surroundings are protected.

And so that the vehicle does not suffer additional damage from the silicone-coated fiberglass blankets of the Car Service Set. we offer the protective fleece. It is simply placed over the roof of the car in front of the top cover and prevents damage to the paint.

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Vlitex fleece to protect against paint damage for the Car Service Set dark
VLITEX protective fleece

So that the paint is not damaged

Ideally, the upper cover of the VLITEX Car Service Set is brought over the vehicle with some momentum. But most often it can not be avoided that it drags across the roof. We therefore recommend protecting the paint from scratches and sanding marks with the protective fleece.

The fleece is simply placed over the vehicle. It follows the same principle as a fitted sheet and thus stays in place. Sounds simple? It is. And yet so effective!

Vlies für VLITEX Abschlepp Set

This is what the VLITEX protective fleece does:

With the fleece, the vehicle is protected against fine scratches and sanding marks when the top blanket of the VLITEX Car Service Set is placed over the vehicle.

The protective fleece is optionally available.

Sufficient for vehicles up to a size of 5.10 m

made of high quality and durable material

double stitched elastic edges

How the VLITEX Car Service Set works

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